Two Year Integrated Course for 
XI-XII & JEE. Main & Advance 


This course is for Xth to Xlth moving students. The purpose of this course is to prepare the students for competitive exams and also to help them for their school and board exams.

Classes would be conducted regularly for 4 days a week after school hours. Each day, two classes of one and a half hour each would be conducted with a 15 minutes recess in between and extra time for doubt clearing.

Course schedule is divided into five phases.

Phase-I : 2nd week Apr  to 4th week Dec .

In this phase students will be taught class XI syllabus both from the point of view of school and JEE. Besides teaching theory in class there will be home assignments for each chapter and regular tests will be conducted on the objective and subjective pattern to evaluate the performance of students.

Phase-II : 1st week Jan  to 2nd week Feb 

During this phase the whole syllabus of class XI will be revised and some additional inputs will be given to the students. Mock tests will be conducted for impending school exams and competitive exams pertaining to class XI syllabus.

Phase-III : 2nd week April  to 4th week Oct 

During this period, entire syllabus of class XII will be taught extensively for Board exams and JEE. Students will be taught theory and given home assignments and a battery of tests will be conducted.

Phase-IV : 1st week Nov  to 4th week Dec 

In this phase class XI & XII syllabus will be revised for JEE and other Engg. Entrance Exams.

Phase-V : 1st week Nov  to 4th week Dec 

Complete course of class  XII will be revised  for the purpose of board exams along with a batery of practice tests and their detailed analysis.

Students of this course will be allowed to attend the crash course

Admission process
Direct / admission cum scholarship test.
Classes schedule 
Regular classes 4/5 days a week.

Course fee
Registration- Rs 6000/- + GST (can be paid in instalments)

Tuition Fee- Rs 1,84,000 + GST (can be paid in instalments)