Student Testimonials


I worked very hard to clear my Medical exams. But to achieve success, the labour of my teachers at Lakshya was equally important. I am studying at AFMC Pune, for that I would be indebted to Lakshya and Captain Sir, forever.


Deepika Chaudhary ( S J A)

IIT and only IIT was my goal. At lakshya I got the right direction, best education and highly competitive environment. But even more importantly it was the encouragement and confidence which my teachers provided that guided me to my dream, the IIT.

Prashant Kumar ( S J A)

Being a daughter of a Surgeon, family and society expected me to follow on my father's footsteps. It was a difficult task. But results exceeded my expectations. I got three different calls from Medical Colleges, but my dedication to the nation brought me to AFMC. Lakshya guided me to my goal.

Sumedha Tiwari (Brightland)

I have been a very hardworking student but I had a thousand doubts in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, which I could only clear at lakshya. I am studying at NT Kharagpur now. Thank you Lakshya.

Sukanya Mahta (Ann Mary)

I wanted to join AFMC to become a doctor in the Armed forces. But before 'Lakshya' I neither had the requisite information nor the resources to achieve my goals. 'Lakshya' worked very hard with me and saw me through. Thanks Lakshya.

Swati Bisht (Riverdale)

IIT was my dream. I could realize it only because of systematic and result oriented study at lakshya. I have made it to IIT Roorkee.

Abhishek Bangrania (Brooklyn)

A student of Cambrian hall, I was always dreaming of becoming a doctor. Joining lakshya made my dreams come true. I topped CPMT and UPMT and also got selected in CBSE and AFMC. I am a student of KGMC, Lucknow now. Thankyou Lakshya.

                                                                                            Anshul Jain (Cambrian Hall)

After joining lakshya, my teachers guided and inspired me and worked hard with me, so I cleared JEE and joined IIT Roorkee

Manisha Rana ( K.V. O.N.G.C.)

I had a dream to become a doctor. Especially I joined the Lakshya with the dream of becoming a doctor in the Armed Forces. In addition to teaching me Physics, Chemistry & Biology my Gurus at Lakshya gave me the confidence needed & held my hand through out the preparation.

Anantpreet Kaur ( Brightland)

Swati, Neha, Priyanka & I joined Lakshya to become doctors. We all were from Riverdale Academy. Captain Sir lovingly called us " Riverdale Mandali". We all four got selected. Neha & Priyanka wentto Kanpur Medical College, Swati & I joined AFMC.

Thank you Lakshya ! Thank You God !
Ruchi Hemdani (Riverdale)

joined Lakshya with a dream of becoming a doctor in AFMC which was my ambition since childhood. After getting selected in AFMC I want to extend my heartiest thanks to Lakshya. The one year that I spent in Lakshya is the best time of my life. Here you get complete knowledge of your subjects and the special thing about Lakshya is that Capt Sir and Shalini Ma'am are very helpful. So I will be indebted to this institute for making my dream come true.Thank you Lakshya

Rachna Verma (KV Sarsava, SRE)

AFMC was always my dream college. At Lakshya I got the guidance and confidence to convert my dream into my aim and my aim into achievement. I am deeply indebted to Capt Sir, Shalini Ma'am and all the staff of Lakshya for guiding me throughout this entire journey. I am also thankful for the affection, counselling and personal guidance I received in the highly competitive environment. I have also cleared CMC(L), JIPMER, MAHE, UPMT and I believe I can't thank the institute enough for helping me secure a career in the field of medicine. Thank you Lakshya

Aparna Singh (Brightlands)

I always dreamt to be a Doctor. I studied in 'Lakshya' for two years. With the best faculty in Uttarakhand, individual attention and proper guidance 'Lakshya ' made my dream come true I got selected in AIPMT, BHU, AFMC, CPMTand UPMT. Thank you 'Lakshya'

Dhirendra Singh (DIS)