Director's Message


A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. He who chooses the beginning of a road chooses the place it leads to. I congratulate you all to have set your aims high aspiring for an illustrious career in the field of medicine. Serving humanity is the essence of medical practices. A doctor's profession is a demanding one which involves a lot of hard work and at the same time, it gives the satisfaction of curing patients, at times even saving lives.

Medical Entrance Exams are the stepping stones to a career which is bright and rewarding. Medical entrance exams are definitely very difficult The student is tested for aptitude, mental sharpness and knowledge.The aim of such examination is to reject almost all of the candidates and to select only those who escape this rejection. It's not the matter of just performing outstandingly but you have to perform better than the others. It needs lot of determination, hard work and proper guidance to secure a seat in medical college. So the first step in the preparation is your determination. Make a do or die attitude, secondly make a plan of what to study and how to study. If out of thousand students only one is getting the seat what does it mean? It doesn't mean he was the best or the most intelligent among all others but he was surely smart enough to secure the seat and for this you need certain skills. Time management is one of them.

Coaching institute gives you a time bound plan of your studies. It also gives you an opportunity to undergo many mock tests on a routine basis which always keep your preparation at the highest standard.

Just joining a coaching institute is not enough; you have to work hard to get maximum benefit out of it. You have to ensure maximum attendance in lectures, complete all assignments, and take regular tests seriously and positively. Hard work is your part only and there is no shortcut to it, we can only work as a guide and nudge you in the right direction.

We at Lakshya are completely committed to fulfil our student's expectations and aspirations. This unswerving commitment is inculcated at all levels, be it peons, counsellors, office staff, teaching faculty or management. We ensure that no student is ever neglected at Lakshya because it is our firm belief that with proper guidance and nurturing even an average self motivated student can succeed in the competitive exams.>
Proper hard work in the right direction is the real key to success.

Wishing you success and nothing less.

Maj(Dr) Shalini Singh, MBBS, MBA 
Lakshya Institute